“The last of a dying breed: a real rock band.”

Selected quotes about the Senators:

“The last of a dying breed…a real rock band.”

-Chrissie Hynde

“Hot, hot, hot!”


“By linking bits of funk, metal, R&B, blues boogie, acoustic instrumentation, and even Frank Zappa-isms, All Mighty Senators toss out a sassy, temperamental musical whole that is nothing short of beguiling.”


“[Landis Expandis] calls the funky guitar and horn-heavy music he makes ‘rock & soul,’ and it’s designed to empower the inner superhero in us all. Oh, and to make you dance. Expandis and his cohorts succeed admirably.”

– The New Yorker

“The Senators are a Halloween party cranked to Spinal Tap’s 11…a high voltage party generator”

-Las Vegas Weekly

“The Senators deliver a fiery hybrid of funk, acid-jazz and hip-hop that demands that you get up and dance your ass off…”

-University Reporter

“AMS opened the [Grassroots] festival with a Baltimore version of the P-Funk vibe… Whether offering a funked-up version of “Rocky Top”, a hip-hop tribute to Jackie Chan, or the chant-along dance number “Flex & Release”, the quintet held its own as rock improvisers.”

– Baltimore City Paper

“Jackpot! All Mighty Senators…can go head-to-head with the liveliest bands out there today.”

-CMJ New Music Report

“…arguably the hottest musical conglomeration burning up the East Coast.”

-In Pittsburgh

“All Mighty Senators pack a powerful wallop.”

-Relix Magazine

“…few bands alive can conjure a more urgent call to boogie than All Mighty Senators in fifth gear.”

-Baltimore City Paper

“…the buzz surrounding All Mighty Senators rivals that of a swarm of enraged hornets.”

-Music Monthly

“Pumping enough spring and energy to bounce the stage through the floor, All Mighty Senators will undoubtedly blow the headliners right out the door…”

-Willamette Week (Portland, OR)

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