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Rolling Stone

I bumped into these Senators when they opened for the Pretenders recently, which proves the virtue of getting to shows on time. Singer – drummer Landis Expandis hit his kit standing up, in a pimp – adelic fur hat – like a love child of Sly Stone and the Velvet Underground’s Moe Tucker – as the Senators packed Family Stone – style horns and shout – along hooks into their party mix of the Roots and the Specials. “What we wanna do is take to the future in an old school time machine,” Expandis claims here in “Soul.” The Senators will do just that when they come your way. For now, enjoy these jams and the irony in the title song. The punch line: “No, it’s not!” (Rolling Stone issue 918 >> March 20, 2003, page 66, Out There with David Fricke)


Let’s be Frank (Zappa) about this: You could count on both paws the bands who’ve been able to handle the two-headed viper of humor and good music. Here’s one of them. OK, they’ve probably listened to Just Another Band From L.A. more than a few times, but really, these guys are somethin’ else. Clam-tight funk/rock/soul swirls of songs that are more fun than watching someone attempting to retrieve a card from a non-cooperating ATM. And the Senators can deliver giggle-but-think social commentary, as in the conservation funk-fest “Mother Nature’s Afro”: “We’re cutting holes/In mother nature’s afro/And if we keep on letting our mother go bald/There will be no supper tonight.” Hot, hot, hot! Catch the Senators while they are currently on tour with the Pretenders. (Billboard volume 115, number 7, February 15, 2003, page 28. Adrian Zupp)

The Boston Globe

The opening act, the All Mighty Senators, was outstanding. The group dazzeled with a driving sound akin to Sly Stone meeting Fishbone, with a little Stevie Ray Vaughn thrown in. It was a wild melange of styles, with singer Landis Expandis and guitarist Warren Boes leading the joyful, dance-laden grooves that zipped from hip-hop to funk and rock without missing a beat. (This exerpt of a article on the Pretenders with All Mighty Senators by Steve Morse is copyright 2003 Globe Newspaper Company)

E! Online Music Scoop

When it came upon Hynde’s shoulders to pick an opening band for the Pretenders’ tour, she offered it to Baltimore’s All Mighty Senators, and I can certainly see why. You can hear the goofy fun all through this upbeat quartet’s brand-new release, Music Is Big Business–a delightful romp that sounds like a right cross between the P-Funk All Stars, Devo and the Mothers of Invention, with some soulful left hooks thrown in to stir things up. (from E! Online Pamela Des Barres)

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